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Welcome To Comparison 

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Comparison.co.uk was established to offer the consumer a genuinely ethical, transparent comparison website for financial services. Comparison.co.uk is a free to use online comparison service that allows the consumer to compare, ultimately thousands of financial products.

There are filters for each product as well as plans to introduce lots of new tools to help find what products are affordable in terms of repayments.


Some questions you may have about us are below:

We offer an easy and convenient way to compare a wide range of financial products and services including bank accounts, loans, credit cards, utility suppliers and insurance types.

When you decide what it is you are looking for we list all products that should be best for the user. For example our loans are listed with the lowest APR first.

Comparison is built around the needs of 18 – 30 year olds. We understand the needs and the financial strains that you will experience through these early years of taking on more financial independence. Whether you need a small loan to get you to pay day, are a newly married couple looking for the best joint bank account or are a student requiring a credit card to pay for uni; we are here to support you through your financial journey.

Unlike some other comparison websites we don’t drive you toward the products that make us the most money. Comparison websites get paid commission by the providers of the products their users choose and sign up for. At Comparison, we do not get paid for all of the products on shown on our website “Our goal is to show you what is most beneficial for you, rather than what is most profitable for us”.

Each provider has different terms & conditions and time frames for delivery. All of this info is displayed on their websites when you make your application.

We will not pester you with junk mail, texts and emails. We only email you if you opt in to receive emails from us and if you do opt in we will not spam you with email. We focus on offering value and quality in our emails. At Comparison it is our mission to offer what is best for you and this is applies to email too. When you go through the application process you will be given the opportunity to opt out or opt in with our partners. It is up to whether you receive emails or not.

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