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What Are 0% Credit Card Transfers?

0% balance transfer credit cards allow you to transfer across your debt from a previous credit card to a new one without being charged any interest. If you have a 0% purchase credit card but are coming to the end of the interest free period and still have an outstanding balance then transferring to this card will give you extra time to pay off the debt without being charged any interest. Most of the time these cards will charge a one off fee for the transfer which will likely be around 2%-3% of the amount you transfer. At the end of the introductory 0% period you will then go onto the lenders standard balance transfer rate which can be quite high so again it is a good idea to pay off the balance if you can.

Transferring a balance will be subject to the following:

❎ Your credit limit

❎ The size of the balance you want to transfer

❎ Who the balance is with


Unless otherwise stated you must make a minimum payment each month, failing this could land you with a penalty or having to pay interest. A good tip is to set up a direct debit to avoid missing any payments.

Do’s & Don’ts


✅ At least make the minimum monthly payments. If possible look to pay more so the balance is cleared quicker.

✅ Look to set up a direct debit so you don’t miss a payment.


❌ Use this card to make purchases or withdraw cash.