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A basic bank account is a good alternative if you’ve experienced difficulties with bad credit in the past. They allow you to pay in your wages, benefits, tax credits, state pension and give you a cash card to withdraw your money. Some also offer standing orders and direct debits. View today’s best rates below or read our guide to basic bank accounts to learn more.


As they are free and don’t let you get into debt with an overdraft, basic bank accounts are suitable for:

  • Young people opening their first current account.
  • People who don’t want the temptation of spending more than they earn.
  • People who have had debt problems in the past.

Although you can’t go into overdraft, this doesn’t mean you’re immune from charges. You need to keep a watch over your spending to ensure that your direct debits and standing orders are covered, otherwise the payment will bounce and you may be charged a fee.

You Can Use:

✅ Cash Card/ Debit Card

✅ Standing Orders

✅ Direct Debits

You Dont:

❌ Get Charged A Monthly Fee.

❌ Recieve Use Of An Overdraft.