The Company will provide the best online search solution for the financial service providers ‘sellers’ and consumers ‘buyers’ it serves

Our customers will always receive a valuable service that utilises the latest in technological advances, making comparisons easy, transparent and simple.

Investors will benefit from a high yield return, and will have the opportunity to consolidate future growth and prosperity with the company.

Executive Summary

Financial price comparison websites (PCWs) are becoming an integral part of all our lives and have proliferated over recent years and are now seen by many as a tool of consumer empowerment. As financial services become modular, financial service providers need to understand the ever-growing challenges involved by consumers looking to acquire the right financial product that best suits their needs. Savvy consumers are beginning to shift
from traditional asymmetries in information gathering and power directly between the supplier and their services. This Business Plan will provide you with an overview and resource as to why we strongly believe Comparison.com is an excellent investment opportunity. We are proud to share with you our vision, our business strategies, and our company’s performance outlook.

Comparison.com is a UK aggregate comparison search platform specifically aimed at comparing the best deals from a complex myriad of financial products. The business model will bring financial service providers (sellers) and consumers (buyers) together to simplify financial trading transactions online. The site is free to use for buyers, but charges financial service providers a pre-determined fee which may be a flat rate or percentage based on the service provided.

Comparison.com places emphasis on transparency, and takes a no frills or gimmicks approach to offering the best deals. Comparison.com allows the user to compare credit cards, savings accounts, ISAs, mortgages and more; not just insurance products unlike many of its competitors. Customers will be provided with the best tools, services and products to help make their comparison and save money. With only one user interface, users
can simultaneously, instantly extract and compile listings in response to their searches (through meta-search technology) using the filters on each category. Searches can be indexed to create a digital database of responses from user inquiries providing a rich data resource asset.

Comparison.com offers something different: a pleasant, direct buying and comparison experience with 24hr access to support. It will create a purchasing environment that caters to the customer’s needs, as well as offering a unique platform providing financial service providers directly as well as offering an on-site meta search functionality.

We estimate an optimistic gross margin over the industry average. Comparison’s success will be a result of its robust platform, competitive advantages such as our use of meta-search technology, and the drive and determination of our management team. Our future lies in dominating the marketplace by providing an exemplar focus driven customer service offering to both buyers and sellers. Comparison.com will expand to other high demand markets in the future.