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What Is A Reward Credit Card?

Similar to a cashback credit card these cards offer you rewards when they are used and if managed properly you can enjoy fruitful rewards on purchases you would be making anyway. The different types of rewards on offer depend on the card but some examples are; supermarket vouchers, cashback, air miles, hotel rewards. If you are someone who pays off their credit card in full each month and don’t need a 0% interest credit card then a credit card rewarding you for each purchase could be the way to go.

When getting a reward credit card make sure to check the specifics with the supplier. Is there a minimum amount you have to spend? Do all purchases count? Also make sure to keep an eye on the rewards available, the timeframe you have to use them and you could potentially look to change cards based on the rewards on offer.


The points and rewards you get depend entirely on the card but you may receive 1 point for every £1 you spend on the card and these points are then transferred into rewards once you hit a certain number.

Every card is different but usually rewards are dished out when you reach a certain level of points, this can be within days, months or even years so make sure to check before deciding on a card.

Benefits & Disadvantages

✅ Good way to earn regular rewards with purchases you would be making anyway.

✅ There may be an increase in rewards if card is used for certain types of purchases or in certain locations so always check.

✅ Unlike a store card you can gain rewards in different areas and use the card in different places.

✅ Purchases are protected and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

❌ If you fail to pay of the balance in full each month then your rewards could be cancelled out by the interest.

❌ Some cards may have a minimum spend to qualify.