Summer Sales: Make Sure You Are Actually Getting The Best Price

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Summer Sales: Make Sure You Are Actually Getting The Best Price

The summer sales are here but this year you are going to be prepared for maximising your summer sale savings. It can be easy for big sale signs to lure you into making bad purchases either in terms of bad value for money or simply something you didn’t really want. So if you want to avoid kicking yourself after your best can’t beat price drops even lower or you walk into the next store and see what you just bought on sale for less take a look at these tips for getting the most out of the summer sales.

Know What You Want

When going shopping at any sale the big flashy signs can lure you into making a purchase without really considering it too much. The problem with this is when you buy a £100 coat for £50 you think you just saved £50. However, if you never end up wearing the coat you just wasted £50. It only takes a few purchases like this and have wasted £100s. Make a list off what you want before you go shopping and try to stick to it. This will stop you from making those impulse purchases of things you don’t really want just because you think you’re getting a good deal.

Compare Prices Across Stores

Is a store offering a huge 50% off something you really want? Don’t rush to buy it, check other stores first and you might just find that others are offering the same item for 60% off. Stores are competing with each other for the sale so when summer sales come around the competition between stores becomes your best friend as they continually strive to beat each other on price.

Retail Vs Online

Sales are not limited to stores, summer sales spread online too and whilst some companies may offer different price online than in store there are also a plethora of online-only stores potentially offering better prices on what you are looking for. Once you factor in savings from discount codes or online only promotional offers you may finding comparing the shops on the highstreet redundant as online stores could have better prices than all the physical stores you are price checking.

Final Markdown

Most of us have experienced the incredible feeling of getting something on sale and being extremely proud of our great value purchase only to be back in the store a week later and see our great value purchase on sale for an even better price. As long as you don’t need to worry about something selling out don’t panic and buy it now just because it is on sale. Speak to an employee and ask when the final mark downs are. If you can find this out you can come back after final mark downs to guarantee yourself the best price (from that store).

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