Top Tips To Be A Money-Saving Shopper

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Here at Comparison we are big fans of saving money. We love big savings which we have covered elsewhere on our blog but we also know that regular smaller savings can add up to significant amounts. In this post we look at some top tips to become a savvier money-saving shopper so that you can make savings every time you shop.

Shop Around

Walking store to store to maximise savings can be a chore but in the modern age of online shopping this is far less of a task. The convenience of shopping in as few places as possible, in many cases one store or website, is amazing but it could be costing you significant savings. Unsurprisingly, we are big advocates of comparing prices and not only on financial products, if you take a little bit of time you can find the same products for better prices by shopping around and with online shopping it is fairly easy and time efficient to do so. Take time to shop around and find the best prices and you may be surprised how much money you can save from giving up just a little bit of the time saved from one-stop shopping.

Cost Per Use Vs Cost Per Item

When it comes to money saving, cheapest is not always the best. Especially with items such as tech and clothing the cheaper option may actually end up being more expensive if they need replacing sooner than more expensive alternatives. Check reviews before purchasing something which will need replacing if it breaks or is worn out. Reviews will help you gauge the quality of the product and the likelihood that you will need to replace it. The real value in an item is the cost per use, not the overall cost, keeping this in mind when shopping will help you make better money-saving purchases.

Be Cautious Of Offers And Promotions

Offers and promotions are designed to make you spend more. Whether they use offers to get you into the store in the hopes you buy numerous additional items or the offer is designed to encourage an impulse purchase of something you otherwise wouldn’t buy, offers and promotions are created to make the store more money. Whilst offers are amazing, especially when you use them with the first point in this post, it important not to fall into the trap of an offer taking advantage of you rather than you taking advantage of an offer.

Automated Money Saving

One of the best approaches to money saving is to make it hassle free, and automate it where possible, and this can be applied to your routine shopping. You can make automated savings on everything from your weekly grocery shopping to one off purchases of expensive high end tech. The most common ways to do this include loyalty cards which allow you to accumulate points which can be redeemed with the respective retailer and online coupon codes which can be found and applied automatically through third party web plugins. Both of these money-saving systems are hands off and will help you add up savings with little fuss or effort on your part, the savings won’t always be huge, although they can be, but they will add up over time.

Learn more about automated money saving here.

By implementing the tips in this post you can increase your savings every time you shop which could add up to a notable amount. Let us know which of these tips help you and share your own tips with us and the Comparison community on Twitter, @Comparison_TRC.

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